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"João is the most enthusiastic, personable and dedicated Fitness Trainer I have ever met -  his energy knows no bounds. I started training in João's classes with no level of fitness and his welcoming nature and enthusiasm changed all this. João will find your talents and push you to better yourself and will do nothing less than inspire you to reach your goal while having a bit of fun along the way! João is simply the best!"

Anne O'Mahony
Legal Secretary - London, UK

“João was not only instrumental in shaping my physical body, but also my attitude towards fitness in general. Having been overweight for much of my life, I wanted to be healthy and fit, and João minutely understood my needs – encouraging me when necessary, driving me harder more often. He is extremely motivated and knowledgeable, and I genuinely believe without him I would never have been able to lose nearly 30kg and overhaul my health. I have missed him since he left London, but the foundation he helped me lay keeps me more or less on track. I wholeheartedly recommend."

Alan Fordred
General Manager - London, UK

"When I first met João and started training with him, I was completely out of shape and convinced I would never do anything good with my body. But João made me do wonders! I ran my first half-marathon, amongst other very challenging achievements, because he made me believe I could do it, because he prepared me the best way for it! He really teaches fitness, he pays attention to you and your way of life to build you a tailored training, shows you the right moves so you can enjoy the feeling of doing challenging things the correct way and bring the best out of you and your training. With his energy, his coaching skills and the passion he puts in his classes, it is impossible not to feel the urge of training! A top class coach!"

Sylvia Paolone
Tax Specialist - Lausanne, CH