Yoga Teacher | Professional Dancer

My background as a Professional Dancer led me to pursue Yoga as a means of finding more strength and flexibility. It wasn't long until I discovered there was so much more to it!

I did my first Yoga Teacher Training in London, where I lived and taught for a few years. Wanting to become a better teacher, I then decided it was time to dig deeper into the roots of Yoga, so I packed my bags and went to India to broaden my skills.

I am currently based in Switzerland, my home country, where I teach Yoga and where I continue to fuel my passion for learning by taking new courses and developing workshops.

My classes bring you creative sequencing, inviting you to look deeper into your body, to feel and to discover the joy of movement. With a strong foundation in Stott Pilates, you will learn how to truly engage your core, feeling the difference in your Yoga practice, as well as in your every day life.

Let yourself be encouraged to move consciously, focusing on balancing flexibility and strength, both physically and mentally.

Join me for a playful and dynamic Vinyasa flow, with a chance to feel, breathe, sweat and smile!

Let's honour movement as our first medium of expression.